Top-rated greenhouses

The kind of greenhouse you choose should be based on what you plan on using it for. You should also consider the durability of the greenhouse you are considering for purchase. Plastic, aluminum and wood-framed greenhouses are available in different sizes. Panels (walls) can be made out of clear polycarbonate, glass or acrylic.

Once you’ve decided the functionality of the greenhouse you want, you may still have some choices about the style of your greenhouse. You could choose a barn style, a simple A-frame, or something non-traditional such as octagonal.

Here are a few that combine great value with durability and functionality.

  1. Grandio’s Ascent and Elite Greenhouses

These greenhouses have aluminum frames and insulated polycarbonate panels. The insulation is the biggest selling point for these greenhouses because they will keep the plants inside warmer for longer, extending your growing season substantially. These greenhouses are 7 ½ feet and 8 feet tall, respectively, giving you lots of headroom. Additionally, Grandio’s takes care to package every piece of your greenhouse for shipping so that nothing gets scratched or damaged on its way to you.

  1. Riga Greenhouse Kit

The rounded top of Riga’s greenhouse gives it a distinctive onion shape that strengthens it. Because of its unique shape, installation can be tricky, but the results are completely worth the work. You can purchase an optional base kit for this brand of greenhouse to make it more stable, and there are also optional shelving units to give you space to work.

  1. Juliana Premium Greenhouse

Juliana’s Premium Greenhouse comes in several different sizes, but none of them sacrifice quality. Each one is made with an aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels that are 10 mm thick – much thicker than average brands. Its A-frame structure gives lots of headroom in the middle of the greenhouse, and you could put work stations along the sides where the roof is lower anyway. These greenhouses also offer an optional base which stabilizes them, and they come standard with rain gutters.

  1. Brighton Hybrid Greenhouse

This is by far one of the best greenhouses for beginners or hobby gardeners because it is relatively small, easy to assemble and is shipped in two easy-to-handle boxes. It’s called “hybrid” because it employs both clear polycarbonate panels for the sides (for maximum visibility) and dual-wall polycarbonate panels for the roof (for maximum insulation). The quality of the Brighton Hybrid Greenhouse basically matches its price, especially considering it comes standard with a base kit, roof vents and rain gutters.

  1. Rion Prestige Greenhouse

The Rion Prestige Greenhouse is available in many sizes, up to 8’x24’. Although the larger sizes are not guaranteed by the company under warranty, they are extremely strong. The frame of this particular greenhouse is made of plastic, but the panels are still polycarbonate (single layer). This gives the greenhouse a clear appearance that many people prefer so they can easily view the plants inside. Optional pieces make this greenhouse highly customizable, including a base kit, roof windows, solar lights and potting tables.

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