Starting an Herb Garden

Herb gardens are some of the most useful gardens you can plant. Almost all recipes benefit from some herbs tossed in, and homegrown herbs are even better! Herb gardens are also relatively low maintenance and they are super versatile. Whether you have a large space available, or just a kitchen window sill, herb gardens will work for you. You can start with nursery plants or seeds, whatever works best for you. There are just a few basic things to consider before starting your useful new garden.


Like most plants, herbs need sunlight. They like about six hours per day. Herbs can definitely thrive indoors, but you will need a spot that gets good sun- try facing them toward a southwest window. If you want to grow the plants outside, make sure that they are in an area that gets plenty of sun as well. You may need to move them inside for the winter if you live in a particularly cold place. If you just can’t get them the light they need, though, you can always purchase some growing lights for your new plants. Herbs will grow pretty big if you let them, but if you are looking for a smaller garden, plant the herbs in smaller pots. You can even double up and place two herbs together.


Plant your herbs in high quality, well draining soil and they should be happy. They also like to be treated with a good fertilizer every once in a while. Water your herbs as you would most other plants- that is, when the top of the soil is dry. If you over water the plants, their roots can get waterlogged and begin to rot. If you under water them, they will quickly shrivel up and die. Check the moisture level of the soil (you can use a moisture meter like this one) regularly to make sure that the soil does not get too wet or too dry.

Herbs in water

Unknown to most people, you can grow many types of herbs in water. This makes for a unique,, modern looking indoor garden.

You can experiment by putting your herbs in all types of containers from rustic looking mason jars to chic vases. This method of gardening is definitely different, but it is worth trying out!

I hope you feel more prepared now to go out and start your own herb garden! Fresh herbs can be very expensive at the store and often spoil in the fridge before you use them up, so an herb garden is sure to save you some money. It looks great in or outdoors, it isn’t difficult to get started, and it’s easy to maintain. What are you waiting for?

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